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Our consultants need to have good training and experience? Yes. But that's not all. We want proactive posture in the face of a problem or opportunity. In a few words is accept the challenge. Dare to think different. Use creativity to think of a simple solution, rather than invest in complexity.
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Our Values
  • Ethics
  • Commitment
  • Trust
  • Competence

Lean Manufacturing Consulting

The robustness of the system is directly proportional to its simplicity.


e work on Operations seeking the excellence for our clients. From receiving to delivery, going through the entire productive operation, we develop design solutions to promote productivity and cost reduction. We are looking for a lean system. We have experience in several sectors and successful cases to present as reference.

Operations planning comprises three major activities:

  • Design,
  • Planning and Control, and
  • Performance Improvement

All of them supports company’s operations strategy.


The Operations Design aims to have the best system to fulfill customers within the expected time, cost and quality. Much of the day-to-day business performance is set in the design phase.

The second major activity, Operation Planning and Control allows the system to operate according to best standards of excellence. It is the operations decisions center. Through Planning and Control, the system can have better performance on deliveries and costs. Here we can establish differentiated service policies for products and customers, for example.

And last activity in Performance Improvement. In order to continue advancing in performance, the incessant search for improvement is fundamental. Here we are focusing on three types of change that lead to improvement:

  • Quality improvement,
  • Cost Reduction, and,
  • Adding more value to the customer.

Every improvement is always a deployment of one of these three types of change. And pursuing excellence on Operations means always keeping in mind what kinds of change we are doing and what the expected outcome should be.

Thus we look for the excellence for our customers. We want our client to be competitive on time, cost and quality. In a way that it stands out in its market. To do so we use Lean System to guide the development of performance improvement projects. We are experts in applying lean concepts in different industries, even in environments where their application may be more difficult as make to order production or process industries. We use kaizen as a weapon for rapid implementation of planned solutions.

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To transform Operations in a way that its strategic objectives can be reached. We see problems as our clients see them. To deliver the best solutions, and develop productivity and efficiency culture on day-to-day.

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When we prepare a diagnostic, we always pursue a systemic view. How the system is performing? What is its efficiency and effectiveness?


We have been working for different industries and service sectors. We have experiente and knowledge to benchmark other industries in other activities, promote and sustain changes that result on performance improvement.

High ImpactProducts

High Performance Design

– 30% increase in productivity
– 20% cost reduction
– Quality guaranteed
– Beware of ergonomics


Intelligence in Cost Reduction

– Measurement of waste
– Root cause analysis
– Management focused on results


High Effective Communications

– Based on Toyota’s DNA article
– Efficient
– Agile and Consistent


Agility CD Operations

– Add value to CD operation
– 31% increase in productivity
– 12% cost reduction


Our Philosophy

Our solutions reflects our belief on commitment, partnership, knowledge transfer and on customized unique solutions. We always deliver what is promised with ethics and respect.

Sequóia Lean HealthCare

Lean concepts applied to Healthcare Industry.



When we evaluate improvement possibilities, we always have in mind its simplicity.



To establish flow in Operations, you must establish the pace. Ensuring a steady pace brings stability and allows us to pursue superior performance



The concept of establishing a continuous flow on Operations is central when we think about its overall efficiency . And the more continuous and regular it is, more productive the system become.