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Our consultants need to have good training and experience? Yes. But that's not all. We want proactive posture in the face of a problem or opportunity. In a few words is accept the challenge. Dare to think different. Use creativity to think of a simple solution, rather than invest in complexity.
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Osni Theodoro

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in Lean Thinking, Melhoria Contínua

The Lean, the Leader and the Leadership – Part I

The other day I got from a friend a sentence said “people don’t quit because of the companies, but because of their heads”. This phrase reminds me of doing unnecessary ordeal of supplies to people doesn’t have a leader and yes a boss and this causes low efficiency in enterprises Alexandre Havard leader speaking in your book virtuous leadership, insists “the leader is not born, forge-if” and also...

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21 Mar 2016
in Lean Thinking, Melhoria Contínua, Sistema Toyota de Produção

Lean: studying and learning

Ensuring the success of the attitudes lean is not only the search for add value, reduce costs and increase productivity, but the great secret of success of lean is the constant search for perfection at work, a work of high professional competence held not by perfectionism or mania or by obligation. The former President of Toyota in the United States, Fujio Cho, said that good processes...

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24 Sep 2015