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lean varejo
in Lean Thinking, Retail, Varejo

Lean Thinking applied to Retail

  In the Lean Service article: An example with cells, we wrote about the application of Lean in support and administrative services. Now I want to focus on retail operations, a very particular and relevant segment of the service industry. We have recently made a diagnosis for a medium-sized retailer network. The proposal was to evaluate the earning potential with the application of Lean in...

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19 Sep 2017
word speech bubble illustration of business acronym term S&OP Sales and Operations Planning
in Lean Office, Melhoria Contínua

S&OP-what they’re saying around?

The S&OP, or sales and Operations Planning, is around for about 30 years. Economic challenges and technological advances of recent years, did enjoy a resurgence, as he now becomes more vital than ever for companies to balance supply and demand, maintaining adequate levels of inventory and reach profits and revenue designed. The S&OP is one of the main drivers for an effective growth strategy. A...

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20 Jul 2016
The Kano model – A practical study
in Lean Thinking, Melhoria Contínua

The Kano model – A practical study

You can measure how the performance of the attributes present in your product impact on the degree of satisfaction of its customers? The Kano model has that purpose. Developed in late 1980, the Kano model provides information about customer satisfaction in relation to the performance of the product or service, making it a powerful tool for quality management. The main function of this model is...

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10 May 2016
Takt Time e Gestão da Rotina
in Lean Project, Lean Thinking

Takt Time and Routine management

One of the strongest and simple ideas of lean and the idea of takt time. In article Lean Service: an example with Cells discussed the application of the concept in the process flow through cells in a production services company. An important part in this application is to use correctly the Takt Time to balance the work of the people in the cell, among themselves,...

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07 Apr 2016
Lider Lean
in Lean Thinking, Melhoria Contínua

The Lean, the Leader and the Leadership – Part I

The other day I got from a friend a sentence said “people don’t quit because of the companies, but because of their heads”. This phrase reminds me of doing unnecessary ordeal of supplies to people doesn’t have a leader and yes a boss and this causes low efficiency in enterprises Alexandre Havard leader speaking in your book virtuous leadership, insists “the leader is not born, forge-if” and also...

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21 Mar 2016
Eliminação de Desperdícios
in Melhoria Contínua, Redução de Custos

Cost reduction: step 2

Let us now to the second step of cost reduction. This step defines, or rather, sorts the process steps according to their value. For this we will use the technique of value-added analysis, the basis for the elimination of waste. As we saw in the previous post, one of the tenets of Lean Thinking is identifying value. And value in reality is not defined by...

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16 Feb 2016
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