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Our consultants need to have good training and experience? Yes. But that's not all. We want proactive posture in the face of a problem or opportunity. In a few words is accept the challenge. Dare to think different. Use creativity to think of a simple solution, rather than invest in complexity.
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Case Studies


Now all is quiet!

This case reports a typical problem of “factory floor”: machine down for maintenance. This describes a situation in which it is possible to evaluate opportunities for improvement in maintenance management, teamwork between production and maintenance, troubleshooting methodology, implementation of PMS, etc.

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When we started to produce?

This case describes the typical situation of the financial manager of a large company that is in front of a major project to expand the production capacity. The purchase and installation of equipment for the new line involved two years of hard work of industrial engineering, purchasing and legal areas who negotiated the contracts, in addition to at least 10 major suppliers of subsystems that made up the new production line. Now approaching the final assembly line, came the question: When do we produce? This question is key in any large investment, because the answer depends on the return on the investment made. Does not meet the date planned with expected production volume meant having to explain yourself to the market and investors, which was not a good option. In this case we describe the methodologies for the Initial Control of projects and acceleration of the production volume in large projects.

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Trying to connect

Communication is always crucial to decision-making. She must be made to ensure that the “recipient” of the communication act according to what the “submitter” you want. In this case the approach to different situations that require good communication lead to question what is necessary to achieve an effective and efficient communication.

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How much we will have to stock?

Consider a manufacturing company that needs to have a wide range of items available for sale. Items called MTS. Each time the customer places an order, and item is not available in stock for immediate shipping, a sale is lost. Typically the solution is to implement a system of production control pulled. This case discusses a real situation and possible solutions.

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Because we believe that is the best way to transmit knowledge, create a mindset of analysis make it possible to identify and solve problems.

One of the ways laid down to encourage learning, help develop critical reasoning and argumentative, solve problems and propose relevant solutions is the case study. The case study begins with the individual and analysis after the group discussion. It helps to analyze facts and evidence of rational mode, which will make it easier to identify the problems, or opportunities for improvement. Once defined the problem, the person can develop logical arguments and propose solutions. Working in a team, the contribution of the various trends of thought help you find excellent solutions to the various problems.
The learning or the elaboration of solutions is made by an expert who uses the Socratic method, with questions that motivate the development of thought and the construction of the solution. So, you’re “taught to think” and not to bring her ready-made solutions or recipes for solutions that are static.

How to study a case?

  • Reading and analysis of the case (text) individually (highlighting the problems and facts pointing solutions)
  • Discussion in small groups
  • Discussion in plenary session moderated by an expert