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The Lean, the Leader and the Leadership – Part I

Lider Lean

The other day I got from a friend a sentence said “people don’t quit because of the companies, but because of their heads”. This phrase reminds me of doing unnecessary ordeal of supplies to people doesn’t have a leader and yes a boss and this causes low efficiency in enterprises
Alexandre Havard leader speaking in your book virtuous leadership, insists “the leader is not born, forge-if” and also says “we are that we live habitually “. The leader must have substance and she comes with a maturity, not age, but you can conquer this “substance of leader”.

A leader can motivate continuous improvement, a boss does not. The leader can make their subordinates commit to the lean system; can motivate the development of value stream mapping is something natural in your workplace, and a lot of other positive things.

Are you sure you live good habits on a regular basis, implies have values (true), requires an effort, requires personal fight to promote continuous improvement in yourself. This is possible when you can look beyond the next, when we can look for the good of those around us, those who depend on us, we can help.

In the implementation or in the experience of the Lean system or Toyota Production System, David Mann, in Lean Leadership, asserts that the Lean leader should “go ahead” doing and teaching how to do, so that those who are under your influence can learn to do. The leader must get out of your Chair, your comfort, your room and go towards the led and demonstrate in an exercise of gemba.

Article published with the name Learning to Lead at Toyota, Steve j. Spear, shows the character Mike Takahashi, the experienced leader, teaches Dallis, the would-be leader, “the most important thing in the Lean Leader is to make the led, learning to observe, analyze, study and propose improvements.

If my boss, pardon my leader, act like this and I know you do because experience what you ask, has the good sense to clarify the objectives, is concerned with the results, but also with my personal and professional growth, and then I can feel supported, wishing to remain on the team, in the company, under the leadership of a true leader.

Me mirroring the leader, I can understand and experience the concepts of Kaizen, Kanban, TPM, “my machine take care I”, … “dress shirt”. Leadership is key in any system, but especially in the lean system, and only one person who knows how to serve, the true leader, may exercise this leadership.