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Eliminação de Desperdícios
in Melhoria Contínua, Redução de Custos

Cost reduction: step 2

Let us now to the second step of cost reduction. This step defines, or rather, sorts the process steps according to their value. For this we will use the technique of value-added analysis, the basis for the elimination of waste. As we saw in the previous post, one of the tenets of Lean Thinking is identifying value. And value in reality is not defined by...

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16 Feb 2016
Redução de Custos: passo 1
in Melhoria Contínua, Redução de Custos

Cost reduction: step 1

Continuing the previous post about reducing costs, let’s talk a little bit more of each of the five steps. In this post we will deal with the first step: 1 – Meet the business and employees. Start by mapping all processes of your business. Make an analysis of the current situation is always the best starting point. This step also helps to involve employees in...

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02 Sep 2015
Redução de Custos passo a passo
in Melhoria Contínua, Redução de Custos

Cost reduction: step by step

The main goal of any business is profit. To increase the profitability of your company, however, you need to make the right decisions at the right time. There are two ways to increase profit: -Increase the billing, or -Promote a cost reduction These two modes are only implemented with financial planning. Planning means having a plan. With a plan can have budgets and can control...

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27 Jul 2015